Table 2

Barriers and considerations in starting a remote patient monitoring system

PatientThe phase of disease and environment of focus
  • What physical considerations may interfere with adherence?

  • Is the patient residing in the same state?

  • Is the time needed for data collection prohibitory for long-term use?

  • What health and technology literacy is needed for use of the device?

  • Does the patient need other resources (smart phone, WiFi, etc.)?

DeviceDevice given to patient to collect and upload data
  • Will the devices be reusable or will one be needed for each patient?

  • Is the device wearable? Does device require patient to input data? Continuous or intermittent data collection?

  • Is the data integrated directly into electronic health records or an external platform? Manual or automatic upload?

ImplementationTeam and infrastructure necessary for onboarding and implementation in clinical practice
  • What information technology support is needed for patient onboarding and troubleshooting?

  • What medical staff and training are needed for patient onboarding?

  • Who is responsible for patient collected data and in what time frame? What are the indications for intervention? What is the patient expectation for response?

  • What is the reimbursement strategy?