Table 1

Characteristics of the patients enrolled in the study

VariablesTophaceous gout (n=65)Non-gout group (n=85)P value
Age (years), mean±SD59.94±12.4061.29±11.570.492
Body mass index (kg/m2), mean±SD28.38±5.1024.42±3.17<0.001
Smoking, n (%)7 (10.8)14 (16.5)0.225
Alcohol consumption, n (%)7 (10.8)8 (10.4)0.496
Fat mass/height2 (kg/m2), mean±SD9.73±3.806.91±1.78<0.001
Appendicular lean mass/height2 (kg/m2), mean±SD7.61±1.066.77±0.81<0.001
Lumbar spine BMD (g/cm2), mean±SD1.03±0.151.11±0.320.08
Femur neck BMD (g/cm2), mean±SD0.72±0.110.68±0.100.017
Total hip BMD (g/cm2), mean±SD0.94±0.130.89±0.130.036
Knee joint space narrowing, n (%)30 (46.2)40 (47.1)0.522
Knee osteophyte, n (%)16 (24.6)8 (9.4)0.011
  • BMD, bone mineral density.