Table 2

Quality assessment of case report studies involved in the meta-analysis

Frankel et al 26 YNYYNYUY
Elkhouly et al 27 YNNYNYUY
Hashim et al 28 YYYYYYUY
Heidarpour et al 29 YYYYUYUY
Freire Santana et al 6 YYNNUUNY
Sharrack et al 30 YNYYYYYY
Kumar et al 31 YNYYYYYY
  • Q1: Were the patient’s demographic characteristics clearly described?

  • Q2: Was the patient’s history clearly described and presented as a timeline?

  • Q3: Was the current clinical condition of the patient on presentation clearly described?

  • Q4: Were diagnostic tests or assessment methods and the results clearly described?

  • Q5: Was the intervention(s) or treatment procedure(s) clearly described?

  • Q6: Was the post-intervention clinical condition clearly described?

  • Q7: Were adverse events (harms) or unanticipated events identified and described?

  • Q8: Does the case report provide takeaway lessons?

  • N, no; Q, question; U, unclear; Y, yes.