Table 1

The pioneer cases or case series published on ALECT2 amyloidosis are enlisted with description of findings of histopathology, immunochemistry, immunofluorescence and tandem mass spectrometry

AuthorsNumber of ALECT2 casesPrevalence of ALECT2 among amyloidosis casesGenderAge (years)RaceFamily historyHistory of cancerClinical presentationMonoclonal gammopathy/ positive staining with anti-light chain serum or anti-AAImmunohistochemistry/
immunofluorescence with anti-LECT-2 antibody
LC/MS performed and reportedMutations reported on DNA analysisPolymorphism on DNA analysisFollow-up
Benson et al 1 1 renalN/AF60sN/AN/A+ renalNephrotic syndromeN/A+N/A+2 years
Larsen et al 2 7 renalN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A++N/AN/AN/A
Murphy et al 8 10 renalThird most commonN/A58–847 Mexican-AmericansN/ACKD with minimal proteinuria+ in 1+++7 followed; 1 ESRD, 1 death
Said et al 46 13 renalThird most common9 M /4 FMedian 68N/AN/AN/A12 CKD; 2 nephrotic syndromeN/A+N/AN/AN/A
Larsen et al 9 40 renalSecond most common25 M/15 FMean 70.6Mostly Hispanic2 brothersN/ACKD in 60% with 40% no proteinuria; most patients with nephrotic range proteinuria had a second glomerulopathyN/A+N/A+10% stable renal function; 62% progressive renal failure; 29% ESRD
Said et al 10 72 renal; 19 had another organ involvementN/A37 M/ 35 FMedian 65.5Mostly HispanicN/ACKD with variable proteinuria+N/A++39.1% ESRD after 26 months; 29.7% had stable kidney function
Paueksakon et al 47 50 renalN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A+++N/A
Mereuta et al 11 32 hepaticSecond most common12 M/20 FMedian 60.5Mostly HispanicN/A+HepatocellularIncidental, cirrhosis, ascites, elevated transaminasesN/A+++N/A
Chandan et al 43 27 hepaticN/AN/AMedian age of 59N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A++N/AN/AN/A
Larsen et al 25 36 renalSecond most common16 F /20 MMean age 59.1; youngest 30EgyptianN/AN/ACKDN/A++N/AN/AN/A
Larsen et al 37 18 renal (autopsy series)N/AN/AN/AMostly Hispanic from New MexicoN/AN/ACKDN/A+N/AN/AN/AN/A
Rezk et al 13 24 renal; 11 hepaticN/AN/AMedian 62Pakistani, Punjabi, Egyptian, Indian, Sudanese, MexicanN/AN/ACKD with sub-nephrotic proteinuria; mildly elevated transaminases++N/A+ (homozygous); one heterozygousMedian survival more than 15 years; 6 patients progressed to ESRD
  • CKD, chronic kidney disease; ESRD, end-stage renal disease; F, female; LC/MS, liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry; LECT-2, leukocyte chemotactic factor 2; M, male; N/A, not applicable.