Table 2

Differences between low-scoring respondents without alexithymia and high-scoring respondents with elevated alexithymia

Alexithymia scoreMeanSDt-test for differenceEffect size (d)
Emotional processingLow scores (<60)79.3339.89t=9.11; df=283; p<0.0011.36
High scores (≥61)132.9136.05
StressLow scores (<60)18.776.35t=5.55; df=283; p<0.0010.83
High scores (≥61)24.257.48
Positive affectLow scores (<60)32.466.84ns−0.29
High scores (≥61)30.457.35
Negative affectLow scores (<60)23.497.65t=6.89; df=283; p<0.0011.03
High scores (≥61)31.759.30
  • n=235 and n=55 for the respective subgroups of low-scoring and high-scoring respondents.