Table 2

Distribution of oxygenation requirement, level of care unit and outcomes according to baseline magnesium levels

Mg <2.5
Mg ≥2.5
P value
Oxygenation*, n (%)
 Nasal cannula5429 (33)25 (24)0.18
 Ventilator351 (1.12)34 (33)<0.0001
 Other†5926 (29)33 (32)0.71
Therapy, n (%)
 Remdesivir7529 (33)46 (45)0.09
 Dexamethasone13446 (52)88 (85)<0.0001
 Convalescent plasma12052 (58)68 (65)0.32
Level of care unit and outcomes‡, n (%)
 MedSurg13276 (85)56 (54)<0.001
 ICU6113 (15)48 (46)<0.001
 Death246 (7)18 (17)0.03
 Days in hospital876.7 (4)15.42 (13)0.001
 Days in ICU406.18 (5)14.55 (11)0.03
Logistic regression analysis§
OR (95% CI)
P valueMultivariable adjusted
OR (95% CI)
P value
Death2.89 (1.10 to 7.65)0.035.39 (1.59 to 18.28)0.007
  • Χ2 and Fisher’s exact tests were used for categorical variables. Total n represents available data from all patients.

  • Results displayed in bold highlight the requirement of ventilator and outcomes which reached statistical significance.

  • *A p value <0.05 is used for statistical significance. T-test is used for comparison of continuous variables.

  • †Other is defined as use of high-flow nasal cannula, respiratory mask and bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP).

  • ‡A p value <0.05 is used for statistical significance. Multivariable model adjusted for age, gender, race and overall comorbidity burden (sum of 8 comorbidities above).

  • §Death (outcome) was assessed from chart review. Age-adjusted analysis using logistic regression analysis (age at admission).

  • ICU, intensive care unit; MedSurg, (medical-surgical) admission into the inpatient unit.