Table 3

Association of blood pressure with ICH

OutcomeORP valueAdjusted OR* (95% CI)Adjusted p value
Any ICH (maximal SBP dichotomized >155 mm Hg)2.53 (1.31–4.89)0.0062.42 (1.20 to 4.87)0.013
Any ICH (maximal SBP as continuous variable per 1 mm Hg increase)1.01 (1.00–1.03)0.0731.01 (1.00 to 1.03)0.19
Any ICH (maximal DBP dichotomized >92.5 mm Hg)5.24 (2.50–11.0)<0.0014.56 (2.13 to 9.76)<0.001
Any ICH (maximal DBP as continuous variable per 1 mm Hg increase)1.03 (1.01–1.06)0.0091.03 (1.01 to 1.05)0.028
  • *Adjusted for age, baseline NIHSS score, baseline GCS score, recanalization status (successful defined as mTICI 2b–3 vs unsuccessful defined as mTICI 0–2a) and procedure time.

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; ICH, intracerebral hemorrhage; mTICI, modified Thrombolysis in Cerebral Ischemia; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; SBP, systolic blood pressure.