Abstract 24 Table 1

Cardiovascular events in sports fans

StudiesSporting EventStudy PopulationCardiovascular Event
Wilbert- Lampen U, et al., 2008 Soccer (FIFA World Cup 2006) Greater Munich area Increase of STEMI by factor of 2.49
Increase of NSTEMI by factor of 2.61
Increase of symptomatic arrhythmia by factor of 3.07
Niederseer D, et al. 2013 Soccer (FIFA World Cup 2006) Germany (region of Bavaria) No increase in total cardiac events
Olsen P, et al., 2015 Rugby World Cup (RWC) tournaments New Zealand Semi-final loss in 2003 was associated with a 50% (p
< 0.01) increase in pooled heart failure admissions and a 20% (p < 0.05) increase in pooled acute coronary syndromes admission.
Increase in heart failure in women with a two-fold increase on match day and 2-days post
Onozuka D, et al., 2018 Professional Baseball Championship Series Japan Pooled relative risk of outside hospital cardiac arrest 1.033 (95% confidence interval 1.012 to 1.055; p = 0.002)
Kloner RA, et al. 2009 American football Super Bowl 1980 and 1984 Los Angeles Circulatory deaths (1.3024 vs 1.0665 for control days, p <0.0001)
Deaths from ischemic heart disease (0.8551 vs 0.7143 for control days, p <0.0001).
Deaths from acute myocardial infarctions (0.2710 vs 0.2322 for control days, p = 0.0213).
Super Bowl–related days during the winning 1984 game were associated with a lower rate of all-cause death (2.1870 vs 2.3205 for control days, p = 0.0302).
Barone-Adesi F, et al., 2010 Soccer: World Cup 2002, the European Championship 2004 and the World Cup 2006 Italy No increase in rates of admission for AMI on the days of football matches involving Italy in either the single competitions or the three competitions combined
Wang H, et al., 2020 Meta-analysis of soccer tournaments Multiple countries Of the 10 studies reported hospitalizations due to non-fetal acute cardiovascular events, the pooled RR was 1.17 (95% CI 1.01–1.36).
Of the 10 studies reported cardiovascular mortality the pooled RR was 1.03 (95% CI 1.00–1.05).
Pooling of four studies where their national teams lost the MFTs produced a RR for the mortality of 1.19 (95% CI: 1.09– 1.30).