Abstract 67 Table 1

Summary of website results

Main Points (Y/N) Y
Informs about benefits of sunscreen
- Reduce skin cancer
- Prevent sunburn
- Decrease skin aging
Issues Identified (Y/N) Y
Informs about sunscreen products entering bloodstream at higher than recommended amounts by FDA
- Identifies questionable ingredients that enter the bloodstream recognized by the FDA
- Informs about ingredients generally recognized as safe: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
Informs about increased DEET absorption with combined insect repellant-sunscreen use 8%
Cautions on sunscreen use below six months of age 56%
Addresses vitamin D deficiency with sunscreen use 4%
Identifies concern for sunscreen particle inhalation with spray 22%
Informs about potential hormone disruption in chemical sunscreens 22%
Website Stance
Stance on sunscreen use:
- Strongly recommends, neutral (informs only), recommends against
Purpose: inform reader or sell product
50%; 46%; 4%
Inform: 74%; Sell: 26%
  • FDA = Food and Drug Administration; DEET = N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide