Abstract 39 Table 1

Use of convalescent plasma in COVID-19 patients

First Author, Location, type of studyNumber, Age rangeIntervention (CPT), NControl (no CPT), NRange/Mean/Median # of days (Symptom onset to Transfusion)Were baseline Characteristics Intervention vs. Control the same? *Outcomes Measured: Intervention vs. Control
Zeng et. al. China, Retrospective N=21, Age: 31–79 y/o 1–3 doses of CPT, N=6 N=15 Range: 17.8–23 Median: 21.5 Yes Viral Clearance: 6/6(100%) vs. 4/15(26.7%) p=0.004;Hospital stay 45.5 days vs 31 days p=0.03; Death: 5/6 (83.3%) vs. 14/15(93.3%) p=NS
Li et al. China, Prospective N=103, 62–80 y/o 1 dose of CPT N=52 N=51 IQR: 22–39 Median: 27 Yes Clinical improvement within 28 days: 27/52(51.9%) vs. 22/51(43.1%) p=NS. Severe disease: 91.3% vs. 68.2% p=0.03, Life-threatening disease: 20.7% vs. 24.1% p=NS. Rates of negative viral PCR: 24hr: 44.7% vs. 15% p= 0.003. No significant difference between two groups for 28-day mortality.
Abolghasemi et. al. Iran, Prospective N=189, ≥18 y/o 1 dose of CPT, N=115 N=74 Yes Discharged: 98 (98.2%) vs. 56 (78.7%) p
Xia et. al. China, Retrospective N=1,568, 53–73 y/o 1 dose of CPT, N=138 N=1430 Median: 45, IQR: 39–54 Intervention group was older, had higher% of diabetics, and disease severity. Mortality rate: 2.2% vs. 4.1%. Post-study ICU admission: 2.4% vs. 5.1%. Discharged: 87.7% vs. 95.5%. Hospitalization: 10.1% vs. 0.3%
Rasheed et. al. Iraq, Prospective, (Preprint) N=49, 1 dose CPT, N=21 N=28 Mean: 14.8, Range:4–28 Yes. Comorbidities not included Recovery Time from Critical Illness (RTCI): 4.52 vs. 8.45 days p<0.05
Gharbharan et. al. Netherlands, Prospective (Preprint) N=86, 55–77 y/o 1 dose CPT, N=43 N=43 Median: 9, IQR: 7–13 Yes No significant difference in mortality, hospital stay and day-15 disease severity
  • * Baseline characteristics include age, severity of illness, co-morbidities, other antiviral and antibiotics treatments IQR=Interquartile range