Table 3

Questionnaire on psychosomatic problems

With symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder n=209 (39.3%)Without symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder n=322 (60.6%)P value
Unable to fall asleep3.0±1.44.0±1.22.4±1.2<0.001*
Migraines and headaches3.0±1.53.9±1.32.4±1.3<0.001*
Indigestion or gastrointestinal complaints2.6±1.53.4±1.52.1±1.3<0.001†
Extremely tired or exhausted3.2±1.54.1±1.32.6±1.4<0.001*
Eat, drink, or smoke more than usual3.1±1.74.0±1.62.6±1.5<0.001*
Decreased sexual interest2.8±1.63.6±1.62.2±1.4<0.001*
Shortness of breath or choking sensation1.8±1.32.4±1.51.4±0.8<0.001†
Decreased appetite1.9±1.32.6±1.41.5±0.9<0.001†
Muscle tremors1.6±1.12.1±1.41.3±0.7<0.001†
Pinpricks in different parts of your body2.0±1.42.8±1.61.5±1.0<0.001†
Strongly tempted not to get up in the morning2.7±1.63.5±1.62.3±1.4<0.001*
Tendency to sweat or have palpitations1.8±1.32.5±1.51.3±0.7<0.001†
Total score30.1±11.539.4±9.624.1±8.1<0.001†
n (%) (95% CI)
Presence of work-related stress342 (64.4) (60.1 to 68.4)199 (95.2) (91.3 to 97.6)143 (44.4) (38.9 to 50.0)<0.001‡
  • Source: Own elaboration.

  • *Analysis of variance.

  • †Mann-Whitney/Wilcoxon test.

  • χ2.

  • §Cronbach's alpha=0.873.