Table 6

Correlation between total score of 7-Item Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale and the items and total score of questionnaire on psychosomatic problems (N=531)

VariablesRho95% CIP value
Unable to fall asleep0.6170.541 to 0.684<0.001
Migraines and headaches0.5520.467 to 0.627<0.001
Indigestion or gastrointestinal complaints0.4980.406 to 0.579<0.001
Extremely tired or exhausted0.5310.444 to 0.608<0.001
Eat, drink, or smoke more than usual0.5240.435 to 0.602<0.001
Decreased sexual interest0.4910.399 to 0.573<0.001
Shortness of breath or choking sensation0.4630.368 to 0.548<0.001
Decreased appetite0.4740.380 to 0.558<0.001
Muscle tremors0.4090.309 to 0.500<0.001
Pinpricks in different parts of your body0.5010.410 to 0.582<0.001
Strongly tempted not to get up in the morning0.4740.380 to 0.558<0.001
Tendency to sweat or have palpitations0.5870.507 to 0.658<0.001
Total score of work-related stress test0.7680.717 to 0.811<0.001
  • Source: Own elaboration.