Table 2

Published guidelines for hypothermia, normothermia and hyperthermia, target temperatures and DR/OR temperature

HypothermiaNormothermiaHyperthermiaDR/OR temperature
WHO7<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°C>37.5°C25°C (77°F)
 DR (cesarean)NGNGNG68.0°−75°F/20°−24°C
NRP13NG~36.5°CNG25°−26°C (77.0°−79.8°F)
NRP9<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°CNG23°−25°C (74°−77°F)
Guidelines for Perinatal Care (USA)14NG36.5°CNG26°C (78.8°F)
All Infants
Guidelines for Perinatal Care (USA)15<36.5°C36.5°−37.4°CNG72°−78° (22°−26°C)
Preterm <32 weeks
Bhatt et al16
 ≤26 weeks GA or ≤750 g<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°CNG76°F or more, target 78°−80°F
 27–28 weeks or ≤1000 g<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°CNG76°F or more, target 78°−80°F
Meyer and Bold (New Zealand)17<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°C>37.5°C25°C (77°F)
Harer et al (USA)18<36.5°C36.5–37.5°C>37.5°C>22.80 C (>73°F)
Kent and Williams (Australia)1926°−28°C (78.8°F-82.4°F)
Pinheiro et al (New York)20<36.5°C36.5°−38°C38.0°C17°−21°C OR
21°−23°C DR
Jia et al (China)2124°−26°C (75.2°−78.8°F)
Belsches et al22<36.5°C36.5°−38.0°C>38.0°C
Lee et al (USA)23<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°C>37.5°CNG
Pinheiro et al (USA)24<36.0°C36.0°−38.0°C>38.0°CNG
Russo et al (USA)25<36°C36.0°−37.5°C>37.5°C71°−74°F (21°−23°C)
Wyckoff (USA)2677°F (25°C)
Lyu et al (Canada)11<36.5°C<36.5°−37.2°C>37.2°CNG
Meyer et al (New Zealand and Netherland)27<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°C>37.5°C25°−26°C (77.0°−7.8°F)
Von 2018 (personal communication)
 Moderate to severe<36.0 C
Laptook et al (USA)28<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°C>37.5°CNG
Ting et al (Canada)29<36.5°C36.5°−37.2°C≥37.2°CNG
Bhatt et al (USA) (current study)<36.5°C36.5°−37.5°C>37.5°C74°F (23.3°C)
Peleg et al (Israel)30<36.0°CNGNG23°C (73.4°F) OR
25°−27°C (77.0°−80.6°F) DR
  • ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc; DR, delivery room; LDRP, labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum; NG, no guideline; NRP, Neonatal Resuscitation Program; OR, operating room.