Table 6

Echocardiographic signs of PH

A. VentriclesB. Pulmonary arteryC. Inferior vena cava and right atrium
Right ventricle/left ventricle basal diameter ratio >1.0.Right ventricular outflow Doppler acceleration time <105 ms and/or mid-systolic notching.Inferior vena cava diameter >21 mm with decreased inspiratory collapse (<50% with inspiration).
Flattening of interventricular septum (left ventricular eccentricity index >1.1 in systole and/or diastole).Early diastolic pulmonary regurgitation velocity >2.2 m/s.Right atrial area (end-systole) >18 cm2.
Pulmonary artery diameter >25 mm.
  • At least two from different categories (A, B or C) should be present to alter the probability of echocardiographic PH score.

  • PH, pulmonary hypertension.