Table 3

The CT values of cystic wall on an unenhanced, arterial phase and parenchymal phase images of LAMNs

Case/sex/ageUnenhanced phaseArterial phaseParenchymal phaseMural nodules
1/F/7138 HU55 HU81 HU+
2/F/8843 HU58 HU84 HU+
3/F/4832 HU48 HU62 HU-
4/F/5025 HU39 HU51 HU-
5/F/6728 HU45 HU60 HU-
6/M/6538 HU60 HU77 HU+
7/M/4943 HU65 HU82 HU+
8/F/5421 HU39 HU51 HU-
9/M/6532 HU48 HU62 HU-
10/F/5938 HU46 HU71 HU+
11/F/4931 HU47 HU69 HU-
12/F/5440 HU51 HU70 HU-
13/M/6527 HU41 HU58 HU-
14/M/6137 HU51 HU69 HU-
15/F/5838 HU48 HU61 HU-
16/M/3739 HU51 HU69 HU-
17/M/5620 HU38 HU45 HU-
  • age, year; F, female; LAMN, low-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm; M, male.