Table 6

Comparison of main results of studies on AKI mentioned in the discussion

StudyPatientsIn-hospital mortality rateAUC of APACHE II or role in AKIAUC of SAPS II or role in AKIAUC of SOFA or role of prediction models in AKIScoring systems applying in different countries
Gong et al
(in this study)
Critically ill patients with AKI.37.04%0.903.
APACHE II is reliable in-hospital mortality predictors of critically ill patients with AKI.
SAPS II is reliable in-hospital mortality predictors of critically ill patients with AKI.
SOFA can provide a more accurate prediction of the in-hospital mortality.
Shanghai, China
Joannidis et al Patients of intensive care unit of AKI.36.4%Innsbruck, Austria
Fiaccadori et al Critically ill patients with AKI in an intermediate nephrology care unit.39.1%0.750.77Italy
Maccariello et al Critically ill patients with AKI who were treated with renal replacement therapy.75%APACHE II was a slightly better calibrated predictor in patients with AKI, as compared with the SAPS II. None of the models provided sufficient confidence for the prediction of outcome in individual patients.Portugal
Carbonell et al Critically ill patients with AKI.Septic group: 55%; non-septic group: 19.3%.A useful tool to categorize and describe a sequence of complications in critically ill patients with acute AKI.Valencia, Spain
Janssens et al Cardiovascular patients.14.5%0.770.82.
On day 1 SOFA score had a better prognostic value than SAPS II score. The model is closely related to outcome and identifies patients who are at increased risk for prolonged ICU stay.
Peres Bota et al ICU patients.Initial SOFA score: 0.750; 48 hours SOFA score: 0.732; final SOFA score: 0.781.Belgium
Ferreira et al Critically ill patients in ICU.Highest SOFA score: 0.90.Belgium
Moreno et al Patients in ICU.Total maximum SOFA score: 0.847; delta SOFA (total maximum SOFA score minus admission total SOFA): 0.742.
A good instrument in evaluation of organ dysfunction/failure.
Forty ICUs from Australia, Europe, North and South America.
  • AKI, acute kidney injury; APACHE II, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation version II; ATN-ISI, Acute Tubular Necrosis Individual Severity Index; AUC, area under the receiver operating characteristic analyses; ICUs, intensive care units; SAPS II, Simplified Acute Physiology Score version II; SOFA, Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment.