Table 1

Univariate analysis of predictors of 30-day mortality of patients admitted to the Department of Internal Medicine with sepsis

(71 patients)
Non survivors
(12 patients)
P value
 Gender (male)38 (53.5%)3 (25.0%)0.116
 Age (years)65.4±20.278.5±14.40.011
 Charlson Comorbidity Index3.0±2.05.3±2.60.003
 COPD8 (11.3%)3 (25.0%)0.194
 Cerebrovascular accident8 (11.3%)2 (16.7%)0.633
 Diabetes mellitus15 (21.1%)0 (0.0%)0.112
 Malignancy (haematological or solid organ)5 (7.0%)2 (16.7%)0.266
Admission data
 Duration of symptoms before admission (days)2.9±3.01.8±1.80.100
 Leucocytes (109/L)16.5±5.912.3±4.40.025
 C reactive protein (mg/dL) on admission14.3±8.616.2±8.70.472
 Temperature (°C)38.7±0.637.8±1.50.035
 SAPS II Score on admission36.9±13.461.1±15.0<0.001
 SOFA Score on admission4.3±2.27.1±1.9<0.001
 Acute kidney injury11 (15.5%)7 (58.3%)0.003
 LOS (days)11.0±9.112.6±14.20.984
Infection severity
 Sepsis66 (93.0%)8 (66.7%)
 Septic shock5 (7.0%)4 (25.0%)0.022*
Type of infection
 Pneumonia19 (26.8%)7 (58.3%)0.043
 Urinary tract infection32 (45.1%)4 (33.3%)
 Abdominal infection13 (18.3%)0 (0.0%)
 Other 7 (9.8%)1 (8.3%)
 Bacteraemia12 (16.9%)3 (25.0%)0.447
 Microbiological confirmed28 (39.4%)6 (50.0%)1.000
 Gram-positive4 (5.6%)1 (8.3%)
 Gram-negative24 (33.8%)5 (41.7%)
Coagulation data
 Coagulation disorders on admission7 (9.9%)3 (25.0%)0.154
 PTT (s)34.6±7.937.7±10.50.375
 Platelets (109/L)246.1±117.2228.5±75.90.746
 Fibrinogen (g/L)650.6±176.9518.1±210.10.079
 D-dimers (ng/mL)2757.6±2664.53731.0±3139.30.392
 Coagulation disorders during 3rd day of hospitalisation4 (5.6%)4 (33.3%)0.013
 PTT (s)37.2±6.337.8±8.80.736
 Platelets (109/L)235.8±106.4174.8±74.70.078
 Fibrinogen (g/L)668.7±169.8533.5±183.30.042
 D-dimers (ng/mL)2564.3±1954.15748.0±3593.90.012
 Coagulation disorders during seventh day of hospitalisation§ 2 (2.8%)3 (25.0%)0.020
 PTT (s)34.7±5.740.6±13.70.349
 Platelets (109/L)314.5±126.0173.1±52.10.001
 Fibrinogen (g/L)607.4±170.4432.9±202.20.017
 D-dimers (ng/mL)2927.5±1992.15814.4±3772.60.049
  • *Comparison between patients with septic shock against those with sepsis.

  • †Comparison between patients with pneumonia against all other causes.

  • ‡Skin and soft-tissue infections and endocarditis.

  • §Comparison among 56 patients.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; INR, international normalized ratio; LOS, length of stay; PTT, partial thromboplatin time; SAPS II, Simplified Acute Physiology Score II; SOFA, sequential organ failure assessment.