Abstract 183 Table 1

Impact of animal assisted therapy in pediatric patients with cancer

First Author and Year Number of participants and age in AAT group Description of Control Group Frequency of AAT Duration of Follow-up Outcomes/Variables measured and how they were measured Health Impact in AAT group vs Controls
McCullough A, 2018 n=60; Age: 3–17 years n=46; Age 3–17 years
24 min session, once a week 4 months Parental and Patient Stress/Anxiety, BP, HR Patients: Anxiety decreased in in both groups (P=,0.001), Parents: Anxiety decreased in AAT group (p=0.008)
Chubak J, 2017 n=19; Age: 7–18 years n=19; Age: 7–18 years
Pre and Post AAT
One-time 20 min session 4 months Patient emotional distress and behavior. Provider and staff survey Patient Emotional Distress Decreased (p=0.005), Overall positive feedback from staff
Silvia N, 2018 n=24; Age: 6–12 years n=24; Age: 6–12 years;
Pre and Post AAT
Three 30 min sessions per week 4 weeks Patient HR, BP, Pain, Stress, Mood, and Caregiver In patients: pain decreased (p=0.046), better mood (p=0.041), stress decreased (p=0.005). In caregivers: anxiety decreased (p=0.007), stress decreased (p=0.006)
  • HR=heart rate, BP=Blood Pressure, RR=Respiratory rate