Table 3

Total and differential cell counts of BALF of the subgroup patients with ILD

DiseaseTotal cell count (106/L)Macrophage (%)Lymphocyte (%)Neutrophil (%)
CTD-ILD (n=15)0.42±0.2761.67±24.5225.53±19.2911.93±17.76
Vasculitis-related ILD (n=5)0.34±0.1886.00 (48.5–91.75)11.50 (4.75–38)2.5±2.06
IPF-1 (AE)0.1667267
IPF-3 (AE)0.63292641
Unidentified IIP-10.3328.52743
Unidentified IIP-20.323861.50.5
Unidentified IIP-30.191772.510.5
Unidentified IIP-40.484105.5
  • AE, acute exacerbation; BALF, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid; CTD, connective tissue disease; IIP, idiopathic interstitial pneumonia.; ILD, interstitial lung disease; IPF, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis.