Table 5

Concentrations of MUC and IL-8 in BALF of the subgroup of patients with ILD

SubgroupMUC5AC (ng/mL)MUC5B* (ng/mL)MUC2 (ng/mL)IL-8 (ng/mL)
CTD-ILD (n=15)9.94 (6.46)0.09±0.015.96 (4.95)82.51 (16.11)
Vasculitis-related ILD (n=5)9.13±3.490.09±0.0010.67±8.5879.66±6.78
IPF-1 (AE)
IPF-3 (AE)13.820.098.09107.41
Unidentified IIP-
Unidentified IIP-211.830.089.3976.71
Unidentified IIP-376.990.1416.71129.49
Unidentified IIP-410.830.084.2583.35
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD or median (range).

  • *The MUC5B level in BALF of most patients was beyond the detection range of the detection kit(0.625 ng/mL~40 ng/mL).

  • AE, acute exacerbation; BALF, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid; CTD, connective tissue disease; IIP, idiopathic interstitial pneumonia.; ILD, interstitial lung disease; IPF, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis; MUC, mucin.