Table 2

Comparisons of the available meta-analyses evaluating the relationship between testosterone therapy (TTh) and cardiovascular (CV) risk

Inclusion criteriaCalof et al,40 2005Haddad et al,41 2007Fernández-Balsells
et al,42 2010
Xu et al,43 2013Corona et al,44 2014Borst et al,45 2014Albert et al,46 2016Alexander
et al,47 2016
Number of trials included1930512774354539
Number of patients analyzed10841642267929445464370353285441
Primary end point MACE incidenceXXXXX X X
Primary end point AMI and strokeXXXXX X XX
Primary end point all CV-event incidenceXXXXXX
Primary end point all TTh adverse eventsXXXXXXX
Primary end point MACE+ percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary bypass, syncope, arrhythmiaXXXXXXXX
Time restriction (>12 weeks)XXXXXXX
Age restriction (≥45 years old)XXXXXXX
Not considered HIV, schizophrenia, end stage renal disease or primary hypogonadismXXXXXXXX
All available RCTs reporting CV adverse eventsXXXXXXXXX
Cardiovascular event analysis
Serious adverse events (including MACE)XXXXXXXX
 Acute coronary syndromeXXXXXXXX
 Coronary bypass surgeryXXXXXXXX
 New heart failureXXXXXXXX
 CV mortalityXXXXXXX
Overall mortalityXXXXXXXX
  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; MACE, major adverse cardiovascular events; RCTs, randomized controlled trials.