Table 4

Characteristics of the randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies included in the meta-analysis on venous thromboembolism risk

Study (ref.)No. of patients (T/placebo)Trial duration (weeks)Age (years)ComorbiditiesBaseline total T (nmol/L)T levelsDose
Copenhagen Study Group,59 1986134/8711253.0Alcoholic cirrhosisNRMixedMicronized T 600 mg/day
Marin et al,60 199311/103257.2Overweight/obese14.8MixedTG 100 mg/day
Srinivas-Shankar et al,61 2010136/1382673.8Elderly frail men11MixedTG 50 mg/day
Behre et al,62 2012183/1794862.0Elderly men10,5MixedTG 50–75 mg/day
Brock et al,63 2016358/3571255.3Elderly men6,9<12 nMT solution 2% 30–60 mg/day
Snyder et al,64 2016395/3955272.2Elderly men8.2<12 nMTG 50–100 mg/day
  • T, testosterone; TG, testosterone gel.