Table 1

Changes (%) in plasma insulin, ISR and ICR during graded infusions of intravenous glucose

Insulin AUC pmol/L×4 hoursISR AUC pmol/min×4 hoursICR (L/min/m2)
Weight loss14↓31%↓6% NS↑42%
Salsalate18↑29%↓6% NS↓23%
  • All measurements were conducted following graded infusions of intravenous glucose for 4 hours. ICR was calculated by dividing ISR AUC over insulin AUC. Arrows represent direction of change after intervention. All % changes were significant (p<0.05) unless noted as NS.

  • AUC, area under the curve; ICR, insulin clearance rate; ISR, insulin secretion rate; NS, not significant.