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Letter to the Editor
Innovative strategies to increase resident scholarly activity and engage faculty support
  1. Samrat U Das1,2,
  2. Miriam E Bar-on1,3
  1. 1 Department of Pediatrics, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  2. 2 Pediatrics, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC, USA
  3. 3 Pediatrics, University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Samrat U Das, Department of Pediatrics, University of Nevada Reno, 2040 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste 402, Las Vegas 89102, Nevada, USA; samratdas{at}

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To the editor

As the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) moved to the Next Accreditation System, the emphasis on scholarship increased substantially for trainees as well as faculty. Citations reflecting this new emphasis have become more common. In this article, the authors provide a systematic approach to increase resident participation in scholarly activities.

The barriers associated with implementing requirements for scholarly activities have been identified as lack of time, lack of research facilities, lack of mentors, lack of funding and interest among the faculty. 1 2

Review of the literature evaluating interventions to increase resident scholarly activity in training programs, demonstrated that effective interventions included protected research time, research curricula, research directors, dedicated research days and research tracks.3

Combining or bundling interventions appeared to be most successful in attaining the desired outcomessuggesting that programs may need to provide both increased structure and rigor through multiple pathways.3 While the findings from the literature demonstrate that increases in scholarly activities are attainable through a variety of interventions, there is little guidance provided on how to be successful.2–4

We propose short-term and long-term strategies that can be replicated by other programme directors.

What  you  can  start  today

  1. Establish a requirement for …

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