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Current Research in Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product


This supplementary issue on Current Research in Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products of the 4th International Conference on Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics (ICBP2016) held in Zhuhai, May 27-29, 2016, is devoted to advances in the burgeoning interdisciplinary field of fundamental and applied biomedicine research, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as the regulatory industry. As one of the few conferences at the forefront of fundamental and technical science, biological and medical disciplines, and pharmaceutics science technology, ICBP2016 aims to provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and educators to exchange research evidence, practical experiences, and innovative ideas. It is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together academic and industrial scientists from medicine, biology, chemistry, bio-informatics, and statistics.

The purpose of this issue is to provide a forum for presenting current research and discussing future research directions in Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products. In response to our Call for Abstracts, we have received 122 submissions and accepted 63 abstracts. The selection criteria was based on originality, technical contribution, practical contributions and relevance. The submissions are thus formally reviewed and will not be published elsewhere.

The ICBP2016 committee hopes that the abstracts published in this supplement will be of value to academic research and clinical practice, and will provide a clearer sense of direction for further research, as well as inspiring researchers in related research fields. The committee would like to thank Journal of Investigative Medicine for the opportunity to publish a supplement.

The committee thanks all the referees for their help in reviewing the abstracts. Finally, the committee would like to thank the authors for their contribution. We thank all who supported this supplement.

The 2016 Organizing Committee of ICBP

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