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62 Environmental pollutants and human health risk: substantial impact on public health
  1. Zhenling Liu
  1. Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, China


Objectives This paper evaluates the health risk to the population in a mining area from exposure to pollutants. The findings may inform measures for the effective prevention and treatment of mining area pollutants, and promote environmental protection in mining.

Methods Through data collection and analysis of different levels of pollutants in mining areas, the paper studies the pollution characteristics and harm to people’s health. It establishes models to assess mining area pollution and human health risk, and uses simulation to demonstrate their reliability.

Results By revealing the human health hazards posed by pollutants from mining activities, the paper clearly shows the comprehensive pollution index is higher in a mining area and the risk to human health is greater from exposure through diet and the skin.

Conclusions Different pollutants in soil and water in mining areas are absorbed by crops into the food chain, thus harming human health.

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