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61 Precision medicine and holistic medicine
  1. Tao Yu
  1. Anhui Baijia Dispensary Chain Co., Ltd, Bozhou, China


Objectives To investigate future development patterns and priorities in medicine.

Methods Man is a highly complicated system and human disease is extremely complex. Identifying the main targets and key points allows more to be done with less. Precision medicine and holistic medicine both have their advantages. Accurate medical research based on results is important but should be combined with complementary medicine to improve clinical outcomes, decrease clinical costs and reduce adverse reactions.

Results Precision medicine and holistic medicine reflect two types of medical thinking. Precision medicine can quickly treat disease successfully, but the underlying causes may not be tackled, so sooner or later the same or similar problems will occur again. Consequently rehabilitation is very important, and specific complementary medicine and holistic medicine should be considered.

Conclusions There has been a sharp rise in medical costs and in long-term efficacy. However, economic efficiency is very important and should be the focus of research.

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