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45 Preventive effect of Sparassis crispa on type I diabetes
  1. Lingjun Meng,
  2. Jiahui Lu,
  3. Wei Meng,
  4. Dan Jiang,
  5. Di Wang,
  6. Yutong Quan
  1. School of Life Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun, China


Objectives The purpose of this study was to investigate the preventive effect of Sparassis crispa on type I diabetes.

Methods The preventive effect of S. crispa extract (0.6 g/kg/day) was investigated using a rat model of type I diabetes established by streptozotocin after 3-week oral administration. The diabetes-related factor index was examined using the ELISA test.

Results Compared to the model group, the S. crispa extract administration group showed lower diabetic weight lost (p < 0.01), lower fasting glucose levels and lower postprandial 2-hour blood glucose levels (p < 0.001). S. crispa extract administration can significantly alleviate STZ-induced decrease in glucose tolerance and reduce STZ-induced elevation in endotoxin and iNOS levels. It also effectively suppresses glycosylated hemoglobin accumulation and reduces total bile acid level.

Conclusions S. crispa extract has a good preventive effect on type I diabetes. This study provides a theoretical basis for its use in healthcare products and drugs for type I diabetes.

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