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32 Research on the factors affecting the development of biomedicine industrial chains
  1. Bishan Wu
  1. Langfang Teachers University, Langfang, China


Objectives The paper studies the factors affecting the development of biomedicine industry chains based on atmospheric pollutants and their concentration levels, and provides important scientific data for the quantitative evaluation of the value chain of the emerging biomedicine industry.

Methods This paper predicts and evaluates the effect factors and their influence on the development of biomedicine industry chains using the list method, graph overlays, ecological mechanism analysis and other approaches.

Results The study identifies the relationship curve characteristics among the different effect factors so that the impact of the effect factors can be determined and a scientific basis provided for their prevention and control to enhance the development of biomedicine industry chains.

Conclusions Factors affecting biomedicine industry chains include meteorological factors (temperature, relative humidity and dew point temperature, etc) and the social and economic characteristics of the population (sex, age, level of education, smoking history, etc), which have different non-linear relationships.

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