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2 Opposite effects of Abcg4 knockout on gonadal fat/body weight ratio changes between male and female mouse littermates
  1. Jinmei Wu1,
  2. Shailendra B Patel2
  1. 1College of Biotechnology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang, China
  2. 2Department of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA


Objectives To explore the effect of ATP-binding cassette subfamily G member 4 (Abcg4) gene knockout on gonadal white adipose tissue (GWAT) production in the mouse.

Methods Abcg4 knock-out/GFP knock-in mice were bred and verified by genotyping. Sex-matched littermates 1–2 months old were chosen for the study. The mice were anaesthetized and weighed. Epididymal white adipose tissue (EWAT) from male mice and peri-uterine adipose tissue from female mice was removed and weighed and the gonadal fat/body weight ratio was calculated.

Results The GWAT/body weight ratio of the Abcg4–/– female mouse was 20% higher than that of its wild-type female littermate, but for the male mouse, the ratio was much lower in the knockout mouse than in its wild-type littermate (the ratio for the knockout mouse was only 66% of that of the wild-type littermate). Abcg4 knockout results in an obese female mouse and a lean male mouse, compared to their normal sex-matched littermates.

Conclusions Abcg4 knockout has a remarkable effect on gonadal fat/body weight ratio, with opposite effects in male and female mice.

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