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Discussion and Research on Provincial Difference in Rural Finance in China Under the Perspective of Financial Geography

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The organizer of the 2nd International Conference on Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics has discovered that the abstract titled “Discussion and Research on Provincial Difference in Rural Finance in China under the Perspective of Financial Geography” (Journal of Investigative Medicine 2014;62(Suppl 1):S71) was submitted and published without the knowledge or consent of the individual listed as the author. It was subsequently discovered that the content of the abstract is highly similar to a previously published article by a different author group (“The Provincial Difference of Rural Finance Development from the View of Financial Geography.” The Theory and Practice of Finance and Economics. 2013;34(5):15–19). As the named author of the abstract was not aware of the publication and in light of the apparent overlap with an existing publication, the journal wishes to retract the abstract.

Michael J. McPhaul

San Juan Capistrano, California

Editor in Chief

Journal of Investigative Medicine


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