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Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), assessment of screening, by utilizing cardiac telemetry units, P11

Acute pancreatitis, association of systemic lupus erythematosus with clinical outcomes among, MP1

Adipocyte exosomal miRNA, role of, in regulating A549 lung epithelial gene expression, 12

Adipose tissue inflammation, vitamin D administration improves hepatic insulin sensitivity and, in obese, insulin resistant humans, 23

Adolescents, spatial distribution of, with sexually transmitted infections diagnosed in pediatric emergency departments, MP5

Airway epithelium, association of mitotic asynchrony with pro-inflammatory state in, 15

A549 lung epithelial gene expression, regulation of, by adipocyte exosomal miRNA, 12

Anoxic tolerance, effect of glucose and alternative sugars and sugar alcohols on, of peripheral nerve, 7

Antirheumatic drugs, effect of, on cholesterol efflux protein expression in THP-1 human macrophages, 14

Appendicitis, racial disparities in narcotic administration among pediatric patients with, in emergency departments, 5

Artificial intelligence, mortality prediction performance and optimization of, for cardiovascular risk, 2

Asthma control, association of, with neck circumference in obese youth, MP4

Asthma exacerbations

asthma specialty clinics for inner-city children admitted for, P3

impact of obesity on clinical outcomes in inner-city children hospitalized for, 6

management of, in children and adolescents, P1


Body composition, association of genetic variants with, and physical activity in a pediatric African American cohort, MP7

Bone phenotypes, association of genetic variants with type 2 diabetes and, 27

Bootcamp 2.0, assessment of, to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, P16

BRCA mutations, association of XPC and RAD51 gene changes in breast cancer patients with, MP11

Breast cancer, association of XPC and RAD51 gene changes in, patients with BRCA mutations, MP11

Bronchial epithelium, directional immune response and polarity of viral-induced thymic stromal lymphopoetin secretion in human, 9


Calcium intake, effect of, on obesity phenotypes in African American children possessing risk alleles for development of type 2 diabetes, MP8

Cardiac …

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