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Dr. Stephen Malawista

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Stephen Malawista, MD, rheumatologist whose work in the 1970s led to the discovery of Lyme disease, died on September 18 at age 79 of metastatic melanoma. Dr. Malawista organized the investigations leading to identification of the deer tick as the causative agent for Lyme disease. In the 1980s, he and colleagues demonstrated the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment for the disease. In addition his work on Lyme disease, Dr. Malawista is recognized for his research on white blood cells, which yielded important discoveries pertaining to gout and other inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Malawista was born April 4, 1934, in New York City. He earned his undergraduate degree in experimental psychology at Harvard University in 1954 and his MD at Columbia University in 1958. …

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