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Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award (U54): RFA-TR-12-006
  1. Amanda Beaini

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Components of Participating Organizations

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

Application Receipt Date(s): January 08, 2013

Advances in basic biological research continue to provide new opportunities for medical benefits in real-world settings. Translating biomedical research findings into clinical applications that improve human health, however, is a slow and complex process with high costs and high failure rates. The average time required to design, approve, and open a cancer clinical trial is two years, prompting a 2010 Institute of Medicine report to note the urgent need for improving speed and efficiency of the design, launch, and conduct of clinical trials. Such a slow pace warrants action.

To bring the benefits of science more quickly into patient care, NCATS was formed with the mission to catalyze the generation of innovative methods and technologies that will enhance the development, testing, and implementation of diagnostics and therapeutics across a wide range of human diseases and conditions. The mission of NCATS includes strengthening the entire spectrum of translational research. NCATS defines translational research broadly to include the early steps necessary to develop new therapeutics, devices and diagnostics from basic discoveries, the steps necessary to establish real world efficacy, and the research needed to improve the practical implementation and dissemination of improved approaches to care. This breadth is sometimes described as T1 through T4.

The NCATS CTSA program is central to achieving the mission of the new center (see The CTSA program was initiated by the NIH in 2006 to transform the local, regional, and national environment for clinical and translational research. Under NCATS, the goal of the CTSA program remains focused on integrated academic homes for the clinical and translational sciences that increase the quality, safety, efficiency and speed of clinical and translational research, particularly for NIH supported research. The Institutional CTSA awardees are …

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