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Eastern Regional Meeting Abstracts Author Index

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Adapa, S, P25

Ahn, C, 3, P25

Akerman, M, 15

Alcala, S, P3, P7

Allen, S, P16

Amdur, R, P18

Argyriou, A, P13

Aronow, WS, 3, 4, P25


Balasubramanian, R, 2, 5

Balasubramaniyam, N, 4, P25

Barbosa, FC, 2

Barnes, MG, 13

Belilos, E, P26

Belkin, RN, 3

Bello, JA, P26

Bradley, T, 15, P16

Brandoli, C, 12

Breslin, K, P4

Broomfield, DP, P8, P9

Brown, KJ, 14, P5

Buck, C, 2

Budman, D, 15

Buonanno, F, 6


Campese, CL, P26

Cao, J, 6

Carr-Lettieri, M, P17

Carsons, SE, P27

Chamberlain, J, 12

Chavan, N, 5

Chavez, C, 15

Cheng, K, 15

Cholankeril, M, P16

Chou, SH, 11

Cohen, S, 15

Colbert, RA, 13

Crowley, …

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