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Christian Rudolf Hubert Raetz

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Courtesy Duke University Medical Center

Christian Rudolf Hubert Raetz, MD, PhD, George Barth Geller professor of biochemistry at the Duke University Medical Center, died in August. Recognized for his work on the enzymology, genetics, and structural biology of lipid A assembly, Dr. Raetz had served at Duke University Medical Center since 1993.

Dr. Raetz was a native of East Berlin, and he immigrated to the United States with his parents in the early 1950s. He earned his baccalaureate degree in chemistry at Yale University and his MD and PhD degrees from Harvard Medical School (HMS). His thesis work on the enzymatic mechanism of phosphatidylserine synthesis in Escherichia coli and the role of liponucleotides in membrane biogenesis was completed under the direction of Eugene P. Kennedy.

After completing his studies at HMS in 1973, Dr. Raetz subsequently served as a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where he worked under the direction of Herbert Tabor, MD. He then served on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin before joining Merck Research Laboratories as executive director of biochemistry. Dr. Raetz was serving as the executive vice president of research in biochemistry and microbiology at Merck just before joining Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Raetz was an elected member of the …

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