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Inhibitory Effect of Dexamethasone on Arginine-Vasopressin Release Induced by Physical Exercise in Man
  1. Vittorio Coiro, MD*,
  2. Riccardo Volpi, MD*,
  3. Elio Volta, MD,
  4. Andrea Melani, MD,
  5. Maria Ludovica Maffei, MD,
  6. Paolo Chiodera, MD
  1. From the *Department of Internal Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and †Graduate School in Physical Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Parma; and ‡Department of Cardiology, Hospital of Parma, Parma, Italy.
  1. Received August 19, 2010, and in revised form December 2, 2010.
  2. Accepted for publication December 2, 2010.
  3. Reprints: Vittorio Coiro, MD, Department of Internal Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Parma, Via Gramsci 14, I-43126 Parma, Italy. E-mail: vittorio.coiro{at}


To establish whether glucocorticoids inhibit the arginine-vasopressin (AVP) response to physical exercise, 10 healthy men underwent bicycle ergometer tests until exhaustion (exercise control test, exercise plus dexamethasone [2 or 4 mg in an intravenous bolus]). Physiological and biochemical variables were similar in all tests. Pretreatment with dexamethasone (2 or 4 mg) partially but significantly decreased the AVP response induced by physical exercise. Our results demonstrate a partial inhibition induced by glucocorticoids of AVP neurosecretion during cycle ergometer tests.

Key Words
  • dexamethasone
  • arginine-vasopressin
  • physical exercise

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