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Dr. Saul Schanberg

Internationally known neuroscientist and professor of pharmacology and cancer biology, Saul Schanberg, MD, PhD, died recently at the age of 76. Dr. Schanberg's pioneering research on the importance of touch in normal growth and development impacted the methods of care for premature infants, adolescents with mental disorders, pregnant women with depression and women battling breast cancer. His laboratory primarily focused on identification of the biological mechanisms involving Central Nervous System regulation of ontogenic growth and development of cell and organ systems, and investigation of the role of trophic factors in mediating perturbations in cell growth and function, as induced by maternal deprivation, various stress conditions and neuroactive drugs.

Dr. Schanberg joined the faculty at Duke University in 1967 as assistant professor of clinical pharmacology and neurology, later becoming professor of pharmacology and cancer biology, a position he held until retiring in November 2008. During his …

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