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Robert Grissom

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Robert Grissom, MD, recently passed away at age 92. Dr. Grissom served at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) for over 5 decades. He was the first full-time chairman of UNMC's Department of Internal Medicine and is credited for setting the high standards in medical education, medical ethics, and quality of care and dedication to patients that have developed the school's modern internal medicine program.

Dr. Grissom served as an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Illinois prior to becoming associate professor and vice chairman of the department of internal medicine at UNMC in 1953. He became the first full-time chairman of the department of internal medicine in 1956 and remained in that capacity until he stepped down in 1970. He subsequently served as acting head of the section until 1972 and remained in the cardiology section until his retirement.

Dr. Grissom was a proponent of continuing education and life-long learning. After he retired in 1987, he continued to teach until 2006 and routinely volunteered his time to teach first and second year medical students as a facilitator of a problem-based learning group. He also regularly attended grand rounds and read x-rays at the VA Medical …

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