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Large Scale Clinical Trials on Aging (NOT-AG-09-002)

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National Institute on Aging

The Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG) at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) supports clinical trials on topics relating to aging and the elderly. Researchers with interest in trials whose direct costs are less than $2 million per year are encouraged to contact the Clinical Trials Branch staff at DGCG also invites suggestions from the scientific community regarding needs for large (over $2 million direct costs per year) clinical trials in topic areas relevant to DGCG's mission. NIA will use your suggestions in its planning process to select high priority topic areas in which significant existing knowledge indicates the need for large clinical trials to provide more definitive information on risks and benefits of interventions for diseases and conditions in the elderly.

The DGCG supports research on health and disease in the aged as well as research on aging over the human life span including its relationships to health outcomes. DGCG comprises three major research areas: Geriatrics, Clinical Gerontology, and Clinical Trials. The Geriatrics Branch primarily focuses on health issues regarding the aged. The Clinical Gerontology Branch focuses on clinically-related issues regarding aging changes over the life span. The Clinical Trials Branch plans and administers clinical trials on age-related issues with emphasis on:

  • Interventions to prevent or treat "geriatric syndromes", disability, and complications of comorbidity or polypharmacy

  • Trials to detect age- or comorbidity-related differences in responses to interventions against conditions found in middle age and old age.

  • Interventions for problems associated with menopause and other mid- and late-life changes.

  • Interventions that may affect rates of progression of age-related declines in function in early and midlife.

  • Interventions with protective effects against multiple age-related conditions.

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Your suggestions will assist the DGCG …

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