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This is an NIH-wide initiative that is being administered by NHGRI on behalf of NIH.

Application Due Date(s): November 3, 2008; March 2, 2009; July 1, 2009; November 2, 2009; March 2, 2010; July 1, 2010; November 1, 2010; March 1, 2011; July 1, 2011

Earliest Anticipated Start Date(s): March 1, 2009; July 1, 2009; December 1, 2009; March 1, 2010; July 1, 2010; December 1, 2010; March 1, 2011; July 1, 2011; December 1, 2011

Expiration Date: July 2, 2011

CIDR high-throughput genotyping and supporting statistical genetics services are designed to aid investigations seeking to identify genes that contribute to human health and disease. The services provided through CIDR concentrate primarily on multi-factorial hereditary disease, but other types of projects can also be accommodated. CIDR provides the most up-to-date genotyping platforms and services. This is an NIH-wide initiative that is being managed by NHGRI. Information about the current services offered can be accessed via:

This FOA will utilize the X01 grant mechanism . There are no funds associated with a resource access award. However, the NIH does support the genotyping done through its funding of CIDR. Applicants must get prior approval from an NIH supporting institute ( or otherwise explain how the genotyping will be supported. The applications will be coded X01s. There are no dollars associated with these requests and receipt of access does not result in funds being awarded to the applicant. The total number of projects granted CIDR access is dependent on the number of meritorious applications and the availability of resources at CIDR. The project period is up to 5 years.

Eligible Project Directors/Principal Investigators (PDs/PIs) . Individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research are invited to work with their institution/organization to …

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