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Merle Sande


Dr. Merle Sande, world renowned infectious-disease specialist, died Nov. 14 of multiple myeloma at the age of 68. Dr. Sande was on the frontline of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) health crisis as it unfolded in the early 1980's while serving as Chief of Medical Services at San Francisco and helped to transform San Francisco General Hospital into a model for AIDS and HIV care. As Dr. Sande and his colleagues observed the dramatic increase of cases of young men suffering from pneumonia and other serious and perplexing infections and cancers, he worked to ensure that patients received the highest standard of care. He opposed the quarantine of AIDS patients and encouraged rational discussion among medical professionals about the transmission of AIDS. He and his colleagues developed the first infection control protocols to protect the health of medical workers. Under his leadership, San Francisco General opened the first hospital ward for AIDS patients in 1983 as well as …

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