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Shortening the review cycle is a high priority for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the biomedical and behavioral research communities. There is also great interest in the career development of scientists, and NIH is committed to supporting new investigators in their efforts to obtain R01 research grant funding. Since new investigators, by definition, do not have R01 support, any delay in the ability to submit an amended application could have a negative impact on their careers. Cognizant of the pressure on new investigators to obtain NIH R01 funding, the Center for Scientific Review convened a trans-NIH working group to develop a process to shorten the referral and review cycle to permit a new investigator to submit an amended application for the next submission date. Although the number of new investigators who will be able to take advantage of this rapid turnaround process will be relatively small, the impact on the careers of these new investigators could be significant. The working group recommended an initial pilot, followed by an evaluation phase before consideration of modification and/or expansion. The results of this pilot will be analyzed and a determination made as to whether to expand this to all R01 applications submitted by new investigators. Further analysis will be done to determine if this should be expanded to all R01 applications and to consider if other grant mechanisms should be included. The pilot described in this notice is designed to shorten the time to the next review for some new investigators who are not successful in a R01 grant submission and are readily able to address the concerns raised and issues identified in the summary statement. Under carefully defined circumstances for this pilot, new investigators will be able to resubmit amended applications for the next review meeting rather than wait a …

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