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  1. M. R. Rupp1,
  2. G. D. Marshall1,
  3. R. D. deShazo1
  1. 1University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS.


Rationale To report a case of latex allergy in a patient with seminal fluid (SF) allergy.

Methods A 23-year-old female complained of dyspareunia with postcoital vaginal soreness and swelling. She also reported sore throat and lip swelling after oral sex and had experienced abdominal urticaria after ejaculate exposure. She also reported labial pain and swelling after protected sex with condoms. Following unprotected intercourse she experienced an episode of angioedema, generalized urticaria, and dyspnea that required an emergency room visit for treatment with antihistamines, steroids, and epinephrine. Ejaculate from her sexual partner was prepared for skin prick testing (SPT) on the patient and her partner (as a control) by filtration and centrifugation. MEDLINE was searched for case reports of concurrent latex and SF allergy.

Results She was SPT positive to SF (1:1000) [6 mm wheal; histamine 8 mm; saline 0 mm]. Her partner was similarly tested and was found to be SF negative [histamine 7 mm]. Her latex RAST was positive. MEDLINE search revealed one report of associated latex and SF allergy.

Conclusions To our knowledge, this represents the second reported case of concurrent SF and latex allergy. This patient initially volunteered information related to symptoms after exposure to ejaculate, but later admitted to similar symptoms when exposed to latex condoms. Such a history could lead away from SF sensitivity altogether or could lead to dismissing a role for latex. This may be more frequent than is commonly appreciated. Thus, careful history and latex testing should be considered for patients reporting SF-induced symptoms.

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