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  1. J. P. Marcin,
  2. A. A. Kon
  1. Children's Hospital, Sacramento


Introduction Many Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) physicians receive urgent telephone consultation requests for real-time pediatric resuscitation assistance. These requests may originate from Emergency Departments or hospital inpatient care areas. At the University of California Davis Children's Hospital (UCDCH), we have developed an innovative pediatric critical care telemedicine program that connects our PICU and the homes of our PICU attendings, to rural Emergency Departments and remote inpatient care areas.

Methods We report three cases of pediatric resuscitations taking place at remote locations lead by a UCDCH PICU attending physician using telemedicine. The PICU attending has assisted in resuscitations taking place at a rural Emergency Department, a remote hospital's inpatient care area, and the UCDCH PICU when the attending physician was at home.

Results Post-resuscitation interviews demonstrated a high degree of satisfaction with the patient care management relative to resuscitations supported over telephone. Telemedicine consultations provided superior resuscitation care as determined by remote resuscitation team members.

Conclusions Telemedicine consultation may be superior to telephone consultation for pediatric resuscitation. Institutions that consult with rural hospitals or are unable to provide in-house attending coverage for their PICU may consider the use of this technology to improve outcomes and satisfaction.

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