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Proactively Shaping Control Arrangements Can Ensure Data Access, Duke's Reichman Tells Science Community

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Washington Fax reported on September 13 that Jerome Reichman of Duke University Law School had told a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) symposium on science and technology data in the public domain that the tradition of open data access in scientific research can be protected by the scientific community through a strategy whereby the community assumes a more proactive role in managing the data it generates. Reichman stressed the need for scientific communities to self-manage science and technology data and counteract the growing economic, legal, and technological pressures on public domain scientific data.

“Universities can jointly create their own data management policies and their own kind of public domain,” Reichman asserted. In so doing, he maintained, the scientific community can manage its own data supply in ways that would “preserve its public good functions without impeding socially beneficial commercial opportunities.” If this kind of proactive effort is not taken up by funding agencies, universities, scientific societies, and other research stakeholders, Reichman said that he fears “a slow unraveling of the traditional sharing norms” in the research enterprise and institutions' vying with one another to get the best licensing arrangements.

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