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NHGRI Plan for Future of Genomic Research to be Vetted at November Meeting of Scientists

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An all-new genome research plan will be unveiled in November when 200 scientists gather for “a central moment in the future of genomics and the future of medical research,” National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) Director Francis Collins told Washington Fax in September. That meeting will mark the first time that anyone outside NHGRI will be offered a glimpse of where human genome research is going in the years ahead.

The November meeting will be the “knock-down, drag-out decision-making meeting to see if we got it right,” Collins told the 42nd annual meeting of the AIRI meeting in Washington, DC, September 3-5. The “it” to which Collins referred is the research plan that NHGRI staff have been working on for 14 months and that scientists will discuss for the first time. After the meeting, to be held at Airlie House in Warrington, Va, approximately 1 hour outside Washington, DC, the plan and critiques of it will be refined and made public for the first time in April 2003—the …

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