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AAMC Task Force Releases Recommendations on Institutional Conflicts of Interest

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Washington Fax reported that on September 23, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released the second report of its Task Force on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research. In the report, the AAMC stated that as a matter of principle, research institutions should segregate human subjects research administration from technology licensing and investment management to avoid institutional conflicts of interest (ICOI). Because institutional officers might affect—or appear to affect—the process of research review, conduct, or oversight, the task force asserted, it is important that individual responsibility for human subjects research does not “overlap or coincide” with the responsibility for “institutional financial interests that may be directly affected” by research outcomes.

The group's first report, released in December 2001, focused on conflicts of interest for individual researchers. This second effort, titled “Protecting Subjects, Preserving Trust, Promoting Progress II,” offers “principles and recommendations for oversight of an institution's financial interests in human subjects research.” The second report recommends that “under some circumstances, human …

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