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HHS Human Subjects Advisory Committee Charter to be Expanded, Membership to be Reconstituted

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Washington Fax reported on September 18 that HHS's National Human Research Protections Advisory Committee (NHRPAC) would be broadened to ensure that its mandate covers additional topics, including issues of biomedical research involving children. The Clinton administration's HHS secretary, Donna Shalala, formally established the committee, which is administratively supported by OHRP, in June 2000. Shalala announced member appointments in December 2000, and the group's inaugural meeting was held December 20-21, 2000, in Bethesda, Md. The group, whose charter expired in early June and was extended, is being reconstituted. Although new members will be appointed to the committee, it is possible that some previous members will continue to serve on the panel, HHS said. HHS reviews committees to determine whether their members possess adequate qualifications and/or expertise and to ensure a broad balance in terms of the advice that will be provided.

The activity is “standard operating procedure,” according to HHS. There is significant confusion …

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