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Top Biotechnology Regions Entrenched: More than Good Research Is Needed to Succeed, Brookings Study Finds

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The Brookings Institution's Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy issued a report in June indicating that attracting more medical research to a region that aspires to become a biotechnology hub may not be as important as having venture capital at hand to develop research discoveries, according to a Washington Fax article by Shirley Haley. To boot, stated the authors of the study, “the apparent scale of research funding required for becoming a biotechnology center may be beyond the reach of most metropolitan areas, as there is little chance that historically low-funded metropolitan areas will substantially increase their share.” Nevertheless, according to study co-author Joseph Cortright, biotechnology has been targeted by 83% of local development agencies, and 41 states have biotechnology programs. For the report, Cortright, an economist, and Heike Mayer, who is working on a doctoral degree in urban and public affairs, examined 51 metropolitan areas, rating …

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